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Address:China. Zhubao industrial park, LanShan district, LinYi city, ShanDong province
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With the continuous improvement of material life, which makes people know about environmental protection has been enhanced, in view of the requirements may continue to turn, let us enhances the using rate of resource, so the plywood of non-toxic, no pollution, can be applied for abundant and colorful plywood material also been appreciated, make its corresponding store at the beginning of open, strong.

Plywood is by the logs by wood square plane rotary cut veneer or cut it into two sub-companies named seaport, reoccupy adhesive agglutination of three layer or layers of plate material, generally with an odd number of veneer, veneer and the adjacent layer fiber direction perpendicular agglutination. Plywood factory USES a lot of waste wood to produce popular plywood, and plywood can be reused to make its use function more environmental friendly.

Different plywood is generally distinguished by its thickness specification. It is generally divided into 6 specifications (1 cm, 1 mm) : 3 cm board, 5 cm board, 9 cm board, 12 cm board, 15 cm board and 18 cm board. Benefits: high strength, good bending resistance. In some structural parts that require load bearing, the use of thin core plates will be more powerful.