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Ecological board decoration what are the benefitsMaterial benefit sex: the furniture that ecological board lumber makes passes hard in quality commonly, and beautiful and easy, moistureproof and mouldproof, maintain more easily and clean, and also need not besmear again paint, saved construction time already, avoided again chemical pollution, both sides is best.
How to repair the cracked ecological board1. If the sealing edge is cracked, the old glue can be scraped clean, and then apply a layer of milky glue on the underlying wood, and then apply a layer of new glue and compaction on the loose sealing edge, until the glue is completely dry.
Regular maintenance is good for furnitureBelieve that buying a custom furniture consumers with furniture maintenance, durable and light of custom furniture without daily maintenance, commonly used furniture maintain article, wax and maintenance agent, wax is used for wood, the material such as polyester, paint, fire rubber sheet furniture, with faint scent, maintains agent is suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, synthetic material such as wood or beauty resistant plate furniture, wax regularly to ash, etc.
How to use plywood to be more environmentally friendlyWith the continuous improvement of material life, which makes people know about environmental protection has been enhanced, in view of the requirements may continue to turn, let us enhances the using rate of resource, so the plywood of non-toxic, no pollution, can be applied for abundant and colorful plywood material also been appreciated, make its corresponding store at the beginning of open, strong.